We’re steadfast advisors that help you move ahead.

As an employee-owned partnership, we’re structured to continually cultivate, attract, and retain the most talented wealth advisors. With this legacy approach, we’re poised to deliver a constancy of professional advice for generations to come.

Meet The Team

Angela Anderson


Mark RG Anderson

CEO and Founder

William Cantus


Colin H. Gray, CFP®, AIF®

Financial Advisor

Cory Hermes

Senior Client Service Associate

Lexine Hillier

Client Service Specialist

Catie Barbieri Lynn

Compliance Specialist

James McBarron

Financial Advisor

Tressa Smith

Director of Operations


Corporate Culture Attaché

Our Core Values

Pacific Sage Partners seeks to grow a culture that is life-giving for the benefit of our colleagues and clients.

We value:

We are honest and dependable – truth-tellers who strive to give real-time, best solutions. Integrity guides everything we do as we act in our clients’ best interests. We trust our colleagues to do the right thing, not just what is easy.

We are “mavens”, which means we are compelled to constantly learn and share our knowledge with our clients and colleagues. Knowledge empowers our clients to be engaged in financial decisions and enables us to be the best wealth advisors we can be. Using relevant knowledge, we strive to bring innovative solutions to our clients and Pacific Sage Partners.

We value long-term relationships built on respect and understanding. Excellent service is more easily achieved when we have strong relationships with our clients and colleagues. We acknowledge each client’s unique financial story and, ideally, clients are participants in their financial decisions rather than simply bystanders.

We encourage teamwork and creativity. While we are comfortable challenging our colleagues as we work together, we also believe that humility is a safety net for a healthy team. We have a mutual appreciation for each employee’s strengths, knowledge, and skills.

We seek to empower each other to eliminate undue barriers so that we effectively solve problems. As self-starters who can collaborate as well as work independently, we value the freedom to try new ideas for the benefit of our clients and Pacific Sage Partners.

We desire to have employees who are owners of Pacific Sage Partners and share the goal of making it excellent. The legacy of this firm is important to us – we hold a long view of the future because we believe that success is measured over years, not months.

We value being generous with our time, professional expertise, and financial resources in the community around us. We aim to be good stewards of all we have been given and to sow our resources to produce positive change.

We encourage forgiveness and laughter. Humor is important to us because we are imperfect humans working in an ever-changing industry with many unique clients.